ThinkNRG, Inc. (“AppNRG” pronounced App Energy) partners with people who understand the power of Internet technologies to reach audiences wherever and whenever. We offer creative digital solutions for people to engage their users. One of our products is our mobile app offering. The quality mobile apps we produce are a reflection of our company’s core values:

  • Purity – conducting our business with integrity; treating every encounter not as a transaction, but as the building of a relationship;
  • Positive – believing in possibilities and in the people on our team to dream beyond the windshield and turn those dreams into reality;
  • Power – being the conduit that empowers our customers to connect with their target audiences, influencing consumers, and serving as thought leaders in the evolution of communications; effective and moving.
  • Presence – making a difference, atmosphere changers, going above and beyond for our customers and our customers’ customers; ensuring that any engagement with us is a positive and memorable experience.

Mobile apps are now a necessity for those wanting to engage with audiences, given the “on-the-go” lifestyles of today’s consumers. Mobile apps offer individuals and businesses the opportunity to build not just brand loyalty, but true emotional connections and engagements that foster a love between the brand and the buyer that serves to promote the growth of each.

That’s what we believe at AppNRG. That’s what we understand as important to the people who trust us to connect them with their audiences. And we employ some of the most talented people who are not only skilled in the latest technologies but who also inhabit a flair for the creative and a passion for possibilities.

We are AppNRG: leaders in building the most simple, powerful, engaging and still affordable mobile apps for you and your business.

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