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Virtual Reality Mobile Apps

Virtual Reality This past week at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Sony revealed their plans for their upcoming virtual reality system. Sony announced the coming of Project Morpheus, which is a total virtual reality immersed headset for the Playstation 4. They are set to compete with Oculus Rift, which is another Virtual Reality [...]

Wearable Technology & Mobile Apps

From CES to SXSW the new trend that every technology company and startup seem to be getting into is wearable technology. With Google Glass and  Samsung smart watches leading the way in wearable technology, it is definitely something that will be continue to be a trend with most technology companies. This leads us to the [...]

An Innovative Tip For Your Mobile Marketing

Most mobile marketers are going to advise Location-based (Geo Targeting) Marketing when it comes to mobile strategies. Today, we're going to discuss something different. With most mobile marketers doing the same type of marketing to attract customers and convert sales, there has been a lack of innovation. We wanted to simply bring up an easy suggestion [...]

Mobile Hotel Bookings Increase Heavily for Starwood

Starwood Hotels & Resorts has had a huge increase in their mobile bookings this part quarter. They say that their mobile bookings are growing five times faster than web bookings did ten years ago. Along with that comes an increase in general site traffic from mobile devices. Mobile is accounting from 42 percent of their [...]

Convert and Close Sales with a Better Mobile Strategy

Mobile website performance, speed, and reliability for mobile customers is increasing. More and more companies are starting to understand that their mobile speed and responsiveness is important to converting sales for their customers. Though there is still more opportunity to attract  new customers via mobile devices. They key to doing this is through high quality [...]

One Size Doesn’t Fit All, Responsiveness Does.

PHABLETS Throughout the years we all started with very similar sized screens and desktops. Eventually, we have moved from desktops to laptops, to mobile tablets and iPads to smartphones and even now "phablets."  Even smartphones and phablets are going to get bigger and even flexible. This will eventually lead to being right in from of [...]

Your Big Data Strategy Should Be Mobile First

Digital Marketers strongly believe in using big data to improve their brands' marketing. While they use desktop data to improve efficiency and return on investment, they also use mobile to show them an even bigger picture of the marketing equation. While you can learn a lot from signals from desktop data, you can't learn some [...]

Web Design Tips: Trust is the Key to Monetization

Any web designer should know that trust is the key to monetization! A good web design will bring customers in and keep them on a website as long as possible. Additionally, the next thing a good web designer will do is give the customers a call to action. Lastly, we want the customer to buy [...]

The Future of Mobile Cars

Just recently, the Chevrolet 2014 Spark, allows you to get a glimpse of the future of mobile cars. The Chevy MyLink system is standard on all versions, except the entry-level Spark. It basically outsources a portion of your car's computing power to your smartphone. The offerings are limited and there are technical limitations, but this [...]