Your Big Data Strategy Should Be Mobile First

Digital Marketers strongly believe in using big data to improve their brands' marketing. While they use desktop data to improve efficiency and return on investment, they also use mobile to show them an even bigger picture of the marketing equation. While you can learn a lot from signals from desktop data, you can't learn some [...]

Web Design Tips: Trust is the Key to Monetization

Any web designer should know that trust is the key to monetization! A good web design will bring customers in and keep them on a website as long as possible. Additionally, the next thing a good web designer will do is give the customers a call to action. Lastly, we want the customer to buy [...]

The Future of Mobile Cars

Just recently, the Chevrolet 2014 Spark, allows you to get a glimpse of the future of mobile cars. The Chevy MyLink system is standard on all versions, except the entry-level Spark. It basically outsources a portion of your car's computing power to your smartphone. The offerings are limited and there are technical limitations, but this [...]

3 Reasons Your Local Mall Needs a Mobile App

If businesses alike need mobile apps, then one that could definitely use a mobile app is your local shopping mall. Today, we're going to breakdown a few reasons on why your local mall needs its own mobile app. Geo-Tagging is the first reason. Anyone that is near the mall at any given time can receive a [...]

How a Mobile App Can Help Your Personal Brand: Credibility

A mobile app can help your personal brand's credibility. Have you ever been to a party then someone asks you what you do? Then you say, "Well I'm an entrepreneur. I have my own business on the corner of 3rd and Ventura... I also am writing my own book... and running for Mayor next year." [...]

How Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Could Be Better

Elon Musk, the inventor of PayPal, and CEO/Founder of SpaceX and Tesla recently announced the Hyperloop.     Hyperloop is Musk's reinvention of public transportation. Musk just revealed the Hyperloop, which is a travel system that would let passengers travel to and from Los Angeles and San Francisco in just 30 minutes. Musk proposed a [...]

How a Mobile App Can Help Your Personal Brand: More Personal

As a personal brand, there is still a person behind every brand. People naturally like human interaction.   Along with that, people like following other people, as you already can tell from celebrity culture and social media sites. In many cases, people want to get more personal with the personal brands that they follow. They [...]

Make Money with Your App

Build a great app business with AdMob and AppNRG     You can run advertisements inside your mobile app through the AppNRG integration with AdMob, by Google.   We're behind you from the start. Partner with AdMob to benefit from Google's best-in-class technology and infrastructure integrated with AppNRG's custom mobile app builder to get your app [...]

Why Your Favorite Musician Needs Their Own Mobile App

  Mobile Digital Hub Why Your Favorite Musician Needs Their Own Mobile App?  In 2013, music festivals, DJs, producers, Spotlfy, Pandora, music blogs, and everything related to music are at an all-time high! So we've decided to start a new series on why your favorite musicians need their own mobile app. The first reason your [...]