Mobile website performance, speed, and reliability for mobile customers is increasing.

More and more companies are starting to understand that their mobile speed and responsiveness is important to converting sales for their customers. Though there is still more opportunity to attract  new customers via mobile devices. They key to doing this is through high quality mobile apps and sites with the responsiveness, speed, and reliability that can match any other desktop or laptop devices. We put together a few quick tips to help you make sure that you convert those with your mobile strategy.

Make Sure Your Site is Responsive

We’ve touched on this many times before, but we just wanted to make sure you don’t forget. Make sure your website is responsive! If your customers can access your non-responsive site they will go to a new site immediately after. They are that quick to replace you, so we just want to remind you again, just make sure that your site is responsive.

Cut the Unnecessary 

Lots of mobile sites can be responsive but they still try to keep all the high quality graphics, videos, etc. In a mobile site version, many of these, although responsive, can lag and increase loading time due to 3rd party services. As the loading time increases, so does the abandonment rate. Don’t let your customers almost buy your product then quit because of unnecessary items on your mobile site. Cut them out of the equation to make a faster loading time and to make sure your customer buys from your site as soon as possible.

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