A mobile app can help your personal brand’s credibility.

Have you ever been to a party then someone asks you what you do? Then you say, “Well I’m an entrepreneur. I have my own business on the corner of 3rd and Ventura… I also am writing my own book… and running for Mayor next year.” Then they look at you and say… “You don’t say?” Then they turn the corner and tell their wife that they think you’re lying and that you’re too good to be true. Well don’t let it ever happen again.

Imagine if you could tell them… “Yea, check out my personal mobile app. You can download it right now actually. You can check out my business by tapping here. You can also pre-order my book here… Or even buy it and read it straight form the app once it comes out. And here is some information on my platform for running for Mayor. You can also share any of this with any of your friends or social media right through the app.”

Their reaction will be priceless. I’m sure you will have amazed your new friend and your credibility will definitely show with your own mobile app. They might be thinking… “Wow! This guy has his own app! Can you believe that honey?” An app is a rarer version of “social media” and it will prove how credible you really are. Nowadays every business has a website. If you don’t have a website, you’re business is not credible. When websites first came out businesses that had them were way more credible than those without websites. Imagine what a mobile app will do for your personal brand’s credibility.