Elon Musk, the inventor of PayPal, and CEO/Founder of SpaceX and Tesla recently announced the Hyperloop.

Hyperloop is Musk’s reinvention of public transportation. Musk just revealed the Hyperloop, which is a travel system that would let passengers travel to and from Los Angeles and San Francisco in just 30 minutes. Musk proposed a Hyperloop that would be safer, faster, lower cost, more convenient, etc. than other alternatives.
Here at AppNRG, we thought to ourselves… they should get an app for that. So we proposed the Hyperloop Mobile App. No more booking transportation tickets via online websites. We suggest something simpler, faster, low cost, and also convenient. With the “AppNRG Hyperloop Mobile App” we would put all Hyperloop ticket booking straight onto your mobile phone or tablet. The device would allow you to book all your tickets for the Hyperloop right through the device. This would take place in an easy process that would allow you to book your ticket within minutes. It would be simple, with no hassle, just straight onto you phone and easy to use. It will also be faster with no time waiting in line, no spending time doing this from a computer, for quicker transactions. The app is also costs a small amount to develop. It also helps avoid having to pay in cash and going to ATM machines. It would also be cheaper for the transportation department so they don’t have to install machines to do this. Its also cheaper so they don’t have to get personal employees for labor. And again, its obviously more convenient. Therefore, a better Hyperloop with a mobile app.
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