Most mobile marketers are going to advise Location-based (Geo Targeting) Marketing when it comes to mobile strategies.

Today, we’re going to discuss something different. With most mobile marketers doing the same type of marketing to attract customers and convert sales, there has been a lack of innovation. We wanted to simply bring up an easy suggestion for mobile marketing that many marketers are failing to take advantage of.


Personal & Custom Messages

Simply put, be more personal! With the technology we have for the programming of our mobile platforms and software, it is easy to personalize and customize messages for our customers. The more you utilize your mobile strategy, the more you can learn about your customer to get them to coming back to your brand. An easy and simple strategy is just to be more personal! Since you know more about your customer due to your mobile strategy, you can easily send personal messages to fully grab their attention.  Make a message acknowledging how much they come to your business and that you are thankful for their business! Offer them a free smoothie on their 5th business to show that you care! Show that there is a person running the business and that you’re not just another company trying to get their dollar. Make them fall in love with your app by making them want to check their app when they walk into your store for special discounts and rewards.  Long story short, remember the days when local store clerks used to know all their customers by name. In 2014, it is easy to take advantage of technology for marketing and business development purposes, don’t forget about the everyday necessity of being personal with your customer. Say Hi, say their name, and offer them something personal!