Build a great app business with AdMob and AppNRG



You can run advertisements inside your mobile app through the AppNRG integration with AdMob, by Google.

We’re behind you from the start. Partner with AdMob to benefit from Google’s best-in-class technology and infrastructure integrated with AppNRG’s custom mobile app builder to get your app business off the ground.


Not only can you place ads within your apps and earn money from Google’s ad network, you can also create and display your own ads.  Then simply choose to show only your ads, only Google’s ads, or both with any combination and control over source frequency. Additionally, you can drive downloads and add users through creating awareness through promotions in AdMob.

Make money by connecting with over a million Google advertisers all over the world, so your revenue scales with your app. Promote your app, gain new users and build a sustainable business.


To learn more about how you can configure AdMob for your mobile apps, go here:
AppNRG Support >>