In today’s edition of “How a Mobile App Can Help Your Personal Brand” we’re going to discuss Creating Your Brand.

The first part of your personal branding should be creating your brand. In order to start networking, you need to make sure your brand has been created. This means having a Facebook, Twitter, Google +, website, business cards, resumes, cover letters, etc. The list can go on and on, but it all helps create and reinforce your personal brand. This is where a mobile application can help you create your personal brand. Nowadays no one has the time to want to find all your social media sites, email you for a resume, and check out your website. Everyone is pressed for time and is looking to save every second possible. A mobile app can help you create your brand, by establishing a lasting first impression.

You can easily create a mobile app with our platform that can have all of these necessities at your audience’s fingertips. Instead of exchanging cards with all your social media links. Exchange a card that has the name of your mobile app. Your desired connection can download your personal brand’s mobile app and have access to your Facebook, Twitter, Google +, resume, cover letter, website, and more within seconds. No need to type it all in at home or worry if the person will ever get to your sites or even contact you. Having a card that only has a mobile app on it is a very innovative way of marketing and branding your personal brand. It shows that you can think outside of the box and that your personal brand is more valuable than your competition. Once they get to the app you can even have a direct link for them to call, message, or email you directly from the app once they’re fascinated by this first impression. Don’t let another connection get away, make sure they’re aware of who you are. Make sure you convert your next lead into a success for your personal brand!