Uses for K-12 for mobile apps.

Districts can finally go mobile, reach busy parents and students and other stakeholders on-the-go. Apps free up paper use and time consuming tasks and allow engagement without having to be a desktop computer.

Some uses include:

  • School District News
  • Photos & Videos
  • Sports Schedules & Scores
  • Lunch Menus
  • Bully Reporting (schools can encourage kids who witness bullying to snap a picture and send to officials)
  • Parents to check their kids’ grades and attendance
  • Parents unable to attend school plays/concerts – schools who videotape can have it streaming live onto their mobile apps and parents can send live comments
  • Viewing and commenting on Social Media sites with the school’s hash-tag
  • RSS feeds that include details when available re: scholarships and financial aid opportunities
  • Schools are using mobile apps as their “extra eyes” in terms of maintenance needs, allowing kids and parents and others to send photos of repairs needed
  • Digital audio tools can be used to improve reading skills with children
  • Schools can use QR codes to share the latest information or announcements
  • Announcements can be pushed to stakeholders reminding them of PTA meetings, etc.
  • School secretaries no longer need to call parents when children are absent, but can send messages via mobile app (saves paper expenses and gets immediate response)
  • Principals blog can directly connect with stakeholders
  • Driving Directions
  • Deadlines for permission slips notifications and “make sure Johnny has field trip money today and proper shoes for the farm”
  • Contact names and numbers