Starwood Hotels & Resorts has had a huge increase in their mobile bookings this part quarter.

They say that their mobile bookings are growing five times faster than web bookings did ten years ago. Along with that comes an increase in general site traffic from mobile devices. Mobile is accounting from 42 percent of their site’s visits.

This is already proving how mobile is changing the game of business and sales. The growth, which we mentioned last year,  is expected to grow tremendously throughout 2017. Mobile is starting to surpass PC and Laptop site visits. It’s now up to companies to see if they can keep up with these changes to make sure they’re still a relevant business in the near future. It’s up to the companies to direct their attention to the mobile platforms and see if they can innovate to keep up with the consumers.

Starwood Hotels & Resorts has made sure that they make mobile their priority by committing to the mobile shift. They saw the trend coming 2-3 years ago and decided to focus their attention on catering to the mobile customer. Their commitment to mobile is so strong that they have different versions for different countries and continents to cater to their various customers. The company even launch an iPad app for South American consumers and also launched an Android app for Chinese customers as well. Their commitment is what is setting them apart from their competition and keeping them ahead of the mobile hotel industry. Starwood is continuing to keep this up as the mobile industry keeps changing.