Throughout the years we all started with very similar sized screens and desktops. Eventually, we have moved from desktops to laptops, to mobile tablets and iPads to smartphones and even now “phablets.”  Even smartphones and phablets are going to get bigger and even flexible. This will eventually lead to being right in from of our eyes with Google Glass. The sizes have gone along way from where we started and they don’t seem to be stopping any time soon. We used to live in an age where you program a code and no matter what that code would show up the same way, on any screen size, and eventually making some of them unresponsive. Then we have technology that allows us to turn our phones or tablets and rotate our entire screen. What happened to be a big problem for some is now a thing of the past. The answer: Responsive Designs!

Responsive Designs help us with this “one size doesn’t fit all problem.”

Responsive website designs help us deliver website content in a consistent manner to make sure it can accommodate any web format for any screen size. In today’s world of mobile devices, having a responsive design is a must have for any business or brand with a website. It is convenient and needed to accommodate all devices, systems, and technologies. Responsiveness is also needed to help make sure that your brand’s website is fully functional to convert clickable actions into leads. So next time you think about your website on a mobile device, make sure it is user-friendly by making your website design responsive!

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