What is the Membership tab and How do I Configure it?

The membership tab is a way for you to set a username & password for users to access your app. This feature can be a great way for exclusive groups to create mobile apps for their audience.

– Fitness Clubs
– Organizations
– Fraternities & Sororities
– Local Governments
– Internal Business Apps
– Chamber Of Commerce
– And many other industries

1. First step is to add a “Membership tab” into your app on step 1.


2. Select the “Membership tab” and select an icon then press save.


3. Move over to step 2 to configure your “membership tab”.



4. From here you can customize the color of the log in button color, username, and password.

5. Press save and your app will now be password protected!

As soon as the app is opened users will be prompted to enter the username & password you selected.