Virtual Reality

This past week at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Sony revealed their plans for their upcoming virtual reality system.


Sony announced the coming of Project Morpheus, which is a total virtual reality immersed headset for the Playstation 4. They are set to compete with Oculus Rift, which is another Virtual Reality system backed by Kickstarter fans who donated 2.4 million dollars to the cause. This definitely means there is going to be some huge changes in technology coming with the future of virtual reality. There is lots of potential with the virtual reality technology that has yet to be seen. This lead us to the question… Is there a market for Virtual Reality Mobile Apps?

You already know the answer… Yes! Absolutely there is a market for virtual reality mobile apps.

The potential for virtual reality mobile apps is huge. Imagine taking your virtual reality device on the go and the endless possibilities. One could easily travel to the Bahamas, go backpacking in Europe, or even sailing in Asia with a Virtual Reality app. What if we could go to the grocery store with a virtual reality mobile app, then pick our groceries, and have them delivered via drone to our front doorstep. Or even the chance to visit an Alien planet and interact with new forms of life. The possibilities are endless! The main point we wanted to get across is that Virtual Reality is coming, and the possibility for mobile apps in a Virtual Reality setting are definitely possible. Virtual Reality gives us the chance to escape our normal lives and be fully immersed in another reality. But we can also use this technology to change the world and save more problems. If you could make a virtual reality mobile app, what would you create?



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