From CES to SXSW the new trend that every technology company and startup seem to be getting into is wearable technology.

With Google Glass and  Samsung smart watches leading the way in wearable technology, it is definitely something that will be continue to be a trend with most technology companies. This leads us to the question, what is the future for wearable technology and mobile apps?

Mobile apps are continuing to rise in the mobile phone and tablet device platforms, but will they continue with wearable technology? The answer is absolutely YES! Of course, mobile apps will continue with wearable technology. The ability to have a smart watch on your wrist allows for countless amounts of mobile apps to be placed on your smart watch. The Google Glass in front of you also has the ability to have more apps. The only difference is that different wearable technology for different parts of the body may bring different functions from different apps. Google Glass will probably bring many voice activated and vision related apps, while wearable leg wear may deal with running, walking, health, and more.


As the amount of wearable technology increases, the opportunity to create mobile apps for various parts of the body’s wearable technology also increases. This should lead to an increase in more and more tech entrepreneurs creating new more mobile apps for various uses. This wearable technology is just another trend for us to watch in 2014. Do you think wearable technology can change the world or be just another trend that passes us by?

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